NIK Keynote by Alfred Bratterud

Alfred Bratterud is the creator of IncludeOS, the zero overhead unikernel written from scratch in C++. He is also the founder / CTO of the IncludeOS company. The work on IncludeOS started as a PhD research project but has since evolved into a full time venture for the IncludeOS team. Alfred holds BSc and MSc in computer science from the University of Oslo, with focus on logic and computability. He has 10+ years of industrial programming experience.

Title of the talk: IncludeOS: from academic prototype to business critical application platform
One of the most memorable moments in my career as a programmer was when the TCP handshake completed in IncludeOS for the first time. It was at my kitchen counter, just when we were about to rush the kids off to kindergarten, before the first IncludeOS paper was released. A couple of years later we’re about to complete our first commercial deployment of a router, firewall and load balancer in a large data center. In this talk I’ll tell you the story of what happened in between.